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Lessons and private study are key in our organisation BUT there are many opportunities to experience a whole range of additional activities. Making full use of these opportunities will be very enjoyable AND make your applications to employment or university of great interest in the future.

Sports Academies

If you are a keen sportsman or woman there are several opportunities to develop in this field. We have a specialist Rugby Academy as well as a range of other sporting opportunities. We have dance studios and sports centres on site.

EPQ and Finance Awards

Gain additional qualifications including the EPQ and BTEC Finance awards.

Work experience

At the end of Year 12 you will complete a 2 week work experience placement of Insight into management course with an organisation linked to your future career plan.

School Newspapers and magazines

Budding journalists are offered the opportunity to write for their school magazine or newspaper.

Teaching, Coaching and other Awards

You could do your Sports leaders Award, CACHE Teaching Support or the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Community Events

How about helping a local senior citizen to develop their ICT skills…or helping to organise a Christmas party…or supporting lower school pupils with reading and maths… or coaching at sports sessions…

School Council

Take a lead role in your school council

Beauty Therapy

You could study a unit on manicures or nail art in a specialist salon during enrichment time.

Art and Cooking

How about developing your skills in Art or cooking as a leisure activity