TELEPHONE 0208 270 4200

If you are interested in one of our courses or have a question please email Alternatively you can email the contact at one of the partner schools.


Is there a closing date for applications?
No, but we advise students to apply as early as possible. A number of courses become oversubscribed very quickly, so early applications are advised.
Will I have an interview?
We will interview all applicants to ensure that our offer is able to meet your needs and that you understand what is expected of you in the NEC.
Do I need a reference?
We would expect your current school to provide us with a reference for you.
I am already in an NEC school, what should I do?
You will be spoken to by your Head of Year and the Head of Sixth Form who will explain the procedures to you.
What if I don't get the results I am expecting?
We will interview you again after your GCSE results to discuss your final course choice. Please don't worry, we will do our best to accommodate you on an appropriate course in our consortium.